Digital Hydraulic Bench


Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Fluid Power, Mechanical Engineering

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Digital Hydraulic Bench by TecQuipment is a mobile water flow trainer that introduces hydraulic and fluid mechanics concepts. Students are able to see a digital display of the waterflow and test out a variety of different concepts and theories using the trainer.

Learning Outcomes

When combined with the range of available experiments, the digital hydraulic bench can teach students:

  • Flow through an Orifice
  • Bernoulli’s Theorem
  • Discharge over a Notch
  • Friction Loss in a Pipe
  • Impact of a Jet
  • Flow Measurement Methods
  • Principles of a Vortex
  • Losses in Piping Systems
  • Francis Turbine Principles
  • Pelton Turbine Principles
  • Uses of a Hydraulic Ram Pump
  • Jet Trajectory and Orifice Flow
  • Pipework Energy Losses
  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • Pipe Surge and Water Hammer
  • Fluid Friction
  • Behaviors of a Flume

Product Description

This product supplies a controlled flow of water to a wide variety of laboratory experiment modules (available separately). The body of the bench forms a reservoir or ‘Sump Tank’ with a submersible pump. Once filled, the bench needs no external water supply.

The top of the bench provides a working surface. This will hold one of a choice of experiment modules from TecQuipment’s Fluid Mechanics range. Larger experiments usually stand next to the bench. A rim around the top contains any spilled or excess water. A small recess or ‘Trough’ in the top works with a removeable Drain Valve to trap a small volume of water. It also catches discharged water from some experiments in the fluid mechanics range.

A hand-operated control valve adjusts the water flow rate from the pump. An electrical box on the side of the bench includes the pump switch, circuit protection and a digital display of flow.

Four wheels allow the user to move the bench around the classroom. Two wheels have foot-operated locks to hold the bench in position.

A sight gauge to the lower side of the bench allows the user to check the water level inside the tank.

An electronic flowmeter measures the outlet flow from the submersible pump. The signals from the flowmeter pass to the digital display to show the flow rate. The viewing angle of the display allows the user to see it clearly from a normal standing position.

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