Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College

Learning Topics: Heavy Equipment

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Forklift by SimLog provides learners with a simulated experience of heavy equipment operations. Using a variety of realistic controls and feedback students will be able to build real world skills related to Forklift operations. Learners will train in typical transportation service centers, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

This training system uses a modular instructional design with comprehensive performance indicators to measure the quality and productivity of each learner.  With 65 performance indicators learners will be precisely measured with indicators including:

  • Maximum forward driving speed
  • Average mast angle while driving
  • Average orientation error at pickup
  • Number of collisions between forks and racks
  • Maximum and Average load staking horizontal errors

Product Details

The ForkLift Simulator comes with:

  • Highly realistic simulation graphics and physics
  • 15 simulation modules of increasing difficulty
  • 65 unique performance indicators to comprehensively evaluate learners
  • 5 Procedure and Fatal errors to detect incorrect and unsafe operator actions
  • USB-ready simulator controls or mounting options
  • Configuration parameters for different power systems and controls
  • Optional mast transparency and mast tilt indicator to make training easier at the start
  • Viewpoint from inside and outside the cabin that can be changed during simulation
  • HD Instructional Video for each Simulation Module
  • E-book Instructional Companion

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