Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Main Relay Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Systems Main Relay Trainer (MEG-SMR) from Megatech provides an in-depth understanding of hybrid electric vehicle systems. This training unit focuses specifically on the main relay component, which plays a critical role in the efficient operation of hybrid vehicles. This trainer offers a safe and hands on learning experience allowing learners to explore and test the functionalities of the main relay in a controlled environment. With its realistic simulation of actual main relay components, learners will gain practical knowledge’s that aligns with real-world scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

Designed for education, the Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Systems Main Relay Trainer has safety measures ensuring learners can confidently engage with this system. Operating within a controlled voltage rain, the Main Relay Trainer guarantees a safe training environment without compromising its education value.

This trainer enables students to fully grasp the complexities of hybrid vehicle systems by simulating a complete electronic control unit functionality. Using hands-on experimentation, learners can operate, control, and perform diagnostics for main relay system.

Product Details

This trainer is equipped with:

  • Toyota Prius Inverter Converter
  • SMR Components
  • Prismatic hybrid battery cells that operate at a max of 14 VDC

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