UAV Drones – 45 Hour Lab

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8, Technical College

Learning Topics: Drones, Engineering, Industry 4.0, Mobile, Robotics, STEM

Product Types: Training Equipment

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These aren’t your average drones. The UAV Drones by MINDS-i take the training wheels off out-of-the-box drones. With MINDS-i drones, students will design, build, test, and fly their own drones. They’re fully reconfigurable so students can try different prop lengths, angles, and see the impact on flight patterns. This 45-hour curriculum-backed program is meant to give your class a full understanding of drone technology, from the physics of flight, to mechanical systems, engineering design, programming and much more.

Learning Outcomes

With the UAV Drone Lab students will explore programming, electromechanical systems, and aerodynamics. Students will learn to design, build, and program drones for aerial search and rescues, GPS guided crop dusting, autonomous deliveries to remote locations and other industry-related challenges.  This Drone Lab encourages collaborative problem solving and the open-source Arduino C++ programming. The curriculum covers:

  • Programing
  • Physics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems

This curriculum also includes hands on activities and capstone projects.

UAV Drone Lab Product Details

This Lab is a half semester (45 Hours) designed for 3-5 students. The UAV Drone Lab comes with:

  • (2) UAV Kits
  • GPS & Telemetry Kit
  • (2) RC Transmitter with Receiver
  • (6) Extra SF Propellers
  • (6) Extra SFP Propellers
  • (1) Gimbal Kit
  • (3) Safety Glasses
  • (2) Extra MINDS-I Tool
  • (1) 3/32” Hex Driver
  • (1) LiPoly Battery Charger
  • (1) LiPoly Battery Charging Bag
  • (1) Flight Simulator
  • (1) Storage Bin

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