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Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: 3D Printing, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering

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XM200G by Xact Metal is powered by high-performance galvanometer mirrors to meet the specification demands of metal powder-bed fusion in manufacturing, research and development. This series of printers was designed with print speed, part quality and affordable price in mind.

The XM200G is based on the proven, easy-to-use and cost-effective design of Xact Metal’s XM200C metal 3D printer. It integrates a high-performance galvanometer system to move the laser beam over the powder bed. This architecture allows for faster printing times and the ability to support multiple lasers.

The XM200G offers the option of using two lasers at one time with either a 100% overlapping work area using a 100 µm spot size or a 66% overlapping work area using a 50 µm spot size. This multi-laser system further increases build print speeds.

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