High School Welding

Traditional welding can be expensive, hazardous and space-consuming to teach. We offer a variety of virtual high school welding solutions that can be implemented in any classroom without much setup.

For students who are ready for more advanced welding techniques, we offer robotic welding through FANUC and Lincoln Electric.


Lincoln Electric VRTEX Engage for High School Welding

VRTEX Engage

High school welding gets a great start using the VRTEX Engage. Introduce arc welding with an affordable, portable system. Students learn safety, machine and process selection, welding procedure setup, welding theory and more. The system includes:

  • Touch screen monitor
  • Welding gun
  • Tracking device
  • Work surface
  • Lightweight carrying case

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VRTEX Mobile from Lincoln Electric for High School Welding

VRTEX Mobile

The VRTEX Mobile is a basic, entry level welding training system. The system features include:

  • Easily transported
  • Universal gun handle allows for connection of a MIG/MAG gun attachment for GMAW and FCAW welding and an optional accessory for SMAW
  • Flexible tabletop coupon welding stand
  • Supports tee joint, flat plate and groove joint
  • Easy to use, interactive touchscreen user interface VRTEX Mobile is a best-in-class, advanced level welding training

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Lincoln Electric VRTEX 360 for teaching High School Welding


The VRTEX 360 is designed to provide a full featured, expandable platform in an easy to use and engaging welding training tool. It’s ideal for basic to advanced welding training, and features:

  • Supports all out of position welds
  • Dedicated welding gun and retractable stinger
  • Flexible and adjustable welding stand
  • Supports tee joint, flat plate, groove joint, 6 in. diameter schedule 40 pipe, 2 in. diameter XXS pipe, and lap joint (available only with Upgrade 5)
  • VRTEX┬« Extensions™ software upgrade program continues to offer new and exciting features

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Lincoln Electric FANUC Robotic Weld Cell for teaching High School Welding

Robotic Weld Cell

Lincoln Electric partnered with FANUC to help students learn the valuable skill of robotic welding. For those students who are familiar with the basic concepts of welding, adding robotic programming and operation is an important next step. These systems come in the form of a mobile robotic welding cart to fixed or positioning systems, whichever solution is right for you, your students and local industry to meet the needs of developing the right workforce, with the right skills.

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