Miller Augmented Arc

Augmented Arc

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of learning. The AugmentedArc system creates a simulated environment for the learner to develop basic welding skills in a cost-effective, safe environment. Users wear a specially designed helmet that shows them images of the real world, augmented with computer-generated images of metal workpieces, weld arcs and weld beads.

Miller AugmentedArc allows a school to teach welding without using an actual arc or consuming wire, shielding gas or coupons.

This system is a great start for middle school tech-ed programs, high schools starting a new welding program, and technical colleges for introductory-level coursework.

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Miller Live Arc

Live Arc

Ideal for lab training, the Miller LiveArc welding performance management system provides both a simulation/pre-weld setup mode as well as a live-arc training mode. This allows the student to gain experience and build techniques in pre-weld exercises before seamlessly transitioning into real welding on GMAW, FCAW and SMAW processes.

The Miller Live Arc is a great next step for technical and community colleges.
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