Video Drives Home Value of Technical and Community Colleges
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Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) has produced a video that succinctly communicates the value the college brings to the Chippewa Valley Region.  In featuring the deep learning opportunities provided by the college, President Bruce Barker demonstrates the benefits the college brings to its stakeholders.

“I tell our staff that the quality of life that we enjoy here in the Chippewa Valley is a direct relationship from the impact that they make in the classroom; the quality of education they provide.” says Barker.  “So quality of life depends on quality of education.”

Barker goes on to explain and demonstrate the myriad ways that CVTC affects the daily life of the residents of the Chippewa Valley Region.  The video is a perfect synopsis of the importance of America’s Technical and Community colleges and the value they provide to their communities.

LAB Midwest has proudly partnered with CVTC on its Industry 4.0 Flexible Manufacturing System, Industrial Mechanics Lab,  Automation Engineering Lab and Electromechanical Maintenance Technology Lab, leveraging learning systems from FANUC, Amatrol and Rockwell Automation.

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