Virtual Instructor Training for Industry 4.0 Fundamentals
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Industry 4.0 Instructor Training

This summer, we’re offering the first ever virtual instructor training for Industry 4.0 Fundamentals. Dozens of instructors across the Midwest have been successfully prepared to deliver the Industry 4.0 Fundamentals content to their students through this training.

While this year has been moved to a virtual model, the knowledge and skills gained by trainees will remain the same. They include:

Distance Learning Modeled

One thing is certain about classes in fall: they won’t look the same as they always have. Changes may include more remote learning, online coursework, flipped classrooms, smaller classrooms, etc. For many schools, these changes will utilize new tools and technologies that teachers will need some familiarization with prior to starting the school year.

This summer training will provide some of that familiarization. We’ll model distance learning methods and allow instructors to practice implementation for the fall. Some of the methods trainees will see include:

Summer Training Schedule

Four Industry 4.0 introductory courses will be covered over 2 weeks. Training will take place 8am – 11:30am CST.

June 15 – 19: Mechatronics and Industrial Controls

June 22 – 26: Industrial Robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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Scholarships for training are available to qualifying institutions; please see the registration form to apply.

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