WI Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch Tries Hand at Forklift Operation
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Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch learned the basics of operating an industrial forklift at the American Technical Education Association annual conference held in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week.

As FOXCONN’s Director of Business Administration Winnie Tu, Gateway Technical College President & CEO Dr. Bryan Albrecht and University of Wisconsin Stout Chancellor Dr. Robert Meyer looked on, Kleefisch sat comfortably in a SimLog operator chair surrounded by simulation screens while operating a simulated forklift through a series of exercises designed to familiarize her with the controls and operation of an industrial forklift.

Guided by SimLog President Paul Freedman, Kleefisch successfully loaded a production pallet onto her forklift and carried the pallet to a designated location, placing it safely at its destination.

“The Lieutenant Governor caught on more quickly than most,” noted LAB Midwest President Matt Kirchner, “I was quite impressed.”  LAB Midwest is the exclusive SimLog distributor in Wisconsin and several other U.S. States.

The Simlog Forklift simulator decreases operator training time and promotes plant safety by enabling learners to sharpen their industrial forklift skills in a simulated but very realistic environment.  “Early in my career I operated industrial forklifts,” said Kirchner.  “It’s amazing how authentic the SimLog experience is.  Sitting in the operator chair is just like sitting in an actual forklift.”

The SimLog system enables learners to progress first through the operator controls and then through progressively difficult situations typical of operating a forklift in the field.  Because mistakes are made in a virtual environment there is no risk to the operator, the equipment, materials or other employees.  Once an operator’s skills reach an appropriate level they can move on to operating an actual forklift.

“In many cases simulated training will get an operator 90% of the way to an applicable certification,” said Freedman, highlighting the training efficiency his product can produce.

SimLog offers a variety of solutions for heavy equipment operation training, including backhoes, hydraulic excavators, Bulldozers, wheel loaders, off-highway trucks, cranes, harvesters, mining trucks and more, all of which are offered on an exclusive basis in several states by LAB Midwest.  For more information visit LAB Midwest – SimLog


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