Industry 4.0 Instructor Training, Summer 2019
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There are several opportunities to attend instructor training for high-demand Industry 4.0 courses being rapidly adopted throughout the Midwest. The training covers four courses from the Industry 4.0 Fundamentals program, including hands-on time with the equipment, curriculum, and certified instructors at leading educational institutions.

Industry 4.0 Fundamentals Courses

Course 1: Introduction to Mechatronics
Course 2: Introduction to Industrial Control Systems
Course 3: Introduction to Industrial Robotics
Course 4: Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Click here to view the flyer for more information on the Industry 4.0 Fundamentals program.

Summer Training Schedule

Click here to view a shareable flyer listing all summer training opportunities.

Gateway Technical College | Racine, WI
June 17 – 21: Courses 1 & 2
June 24 – 28: Courses 3 & 4
To register for training at Gateway, contact Bao Lee at

University of Wisconsin-Stout | Held on the Mobile Skills Lab in Arcadia, WI
June 17 – 20: Courses 1 & 2
To register for the training through UW Stout, contact Barb Bauer at

Amatrol Headquarters | Jeffersonville, IN
July 8 – 12: Courses 1 & 2
July 15 – 19: Course 4
To register for training at Amatrol, contact

Chippewa Valley Technical College | Eau Claire, WI
July 29 – August 1: Courses 3 & 4
To register for training at CVTC, contact Melissa Musser at

LAB Midwest Tech Center | Mequon, WI
August 5 – 9: Courses 1 & 2
August 12 – 16: Courses 3 & 4
To register for training at LAB Midwest, contact Melissa Musser at

Industry 4.0 – Overview and Certifications

The Industry 4.0 Fundamentals program was developed in response to rapidly evolving technologies and processes across industry, due to the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also prepares students to sit for written and hands-on assessments for Industry 4.0 certifications through the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA).

While the program has seen great success in the schools who have adopted it, some may still wonder what the core concepts of Industry 4.0 are and how they affect education.

We’ve put together several pieces overviewing Industry 4.0 concepts, programs, and case studies in the last year:

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