LJCreate Design & Technology STEM Program
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The Design and Technology STEM Program by LJCreate is the ideal solution for teaching a wide range of STEM courses to middle and high school students.  Schools can create their own flexible programs from 17 STEM courses, including engineering, mechatronics and computer science.

STEM Career Readiness

These technology-based courses teach skills needed in a whole range of fields whose demand continues to grow. Fields like computer science, software development, and automation and robotics.

But the program goes beyond STEM fields. In terms of college and career readiness, students get exposed to pathways for agriculture, food, natural resources, architecture, construction, business management, health science, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

This is because the curriculum focuses on real-world applications. While many STEM programs teach competencies alone, the LJCreate Design & Technology STEM program relates concepts to real-life applications, often through project-based exploration. In this way, students get exposed to career pathways they might not have known about previously. It’s a door to a new world of possibilities.

The STEM Program

To show its relevance to careers, each of the 17 courses begins with a presentation that identifies relevant career pathways.

Students then go through a pre-test, a set of lessons, hands-on projects and practical activities, capstone projects, and finally a post-test.

The project-based approach helps students develop problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Other aspects of learning include teaching demonstrations, eLearning, virtual investigation, practical inquiry, and hands-on activities.

In total the program provides 19 projects over 200 lesson periods, an active learning approach, content aligned to standards, extensive teacher support material, flexible implementation, a learning management system and extensive extension projects.

Design & Technology STEM Courses

Hands-on kits include the Engineering Construction Kit, Injection Molding Trainer, Structures and Materials Teaching Set, Biomedical Technology Kit, Electronic Circuits Trainer, Green Energy in Buildings Trainer, Educational Robotics Invention Kit, Sustainable Energy Production Kit.  Mix and Match any or all to create the learning program that’s right for your students.

Click here to learn more about the Design & Technology program, or request a quote for your school.

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