Bench-top Subsonic Wind Tunnel


Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Aerospace, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Bench-top Subsonic Wind Tunnel by TecQuipment is a bench experimental apparatus for a wide range of investigations into aerodynamics. It’s an ultra-compact, open-circuit, benchtop subsonic wind tunnel that offers a complete system ready for aerodynamic experimentation, suitable for college use, undergraduate study and research projects.

Learning Outcomes

A wide variety of subsonic aerodynamics experiments, including:

  • Flow past bluff and streamlined bodies
  • Pressure distribution around a cylinder
  • Lift and drag forces

Product Details

The bench-top subsonic wind tunnel offers a complete system ready for aerodynamic experimentation. A range of models and all necessary instrumentation are included to provide accurate results, suitable for undergraduate study and research projects.

Pitot tubes attach to the working section and connect to a liquid manometer so students can analyse pressure at different positions and calculate air speed.

TecQuipment supplies a two-component balance with the Wind Tunnel. It uses an electronic force sensor to measure the lift or drag forces on models fitted to the Working Section. It has a clear digital display giving a direct reading of the measured force value, for real-time data collection.

A bench-mounting metal frame holds all parts of the wind tunnel in one compact unit.

Air enters the tunnel through an aerodynamically designed eff user (inlet cone) and honeycomb flow straightener that accelerate the air linearly. It then enters the working section and passes through a grille before moving through a diff user and then to a variable-speed fan. The grille protects the fan from damage by loose objects. The air leaves the fan, passes up through a silencer unit and then back out to atmosphere.

A controller with an electronic drive allows the user to vary the fan speed (and air velocity) accurately from zero to full speed. The electronic drive keeps the chosen speed constant.

The working section of the tunnel has a square section of removable transparent sides with fixing points to support the wind tunnel models.

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