Electro-Fluid Power

#85-EF, 85-EH, 85-EP

Recommended Skill Levels: Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Fluid Power, Industrial Technology

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Amatrol’s Electro-Fluid Power Learning System (85-EF) can be used with eight different basic pneumatic or hydraulic learning systems to teach electrical relay control of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their industry applications. Learners will practice industry-relevant skills related to these new topics including developing a sequence of operations given an application, connecting and operating an indicator lamp given a ladder diagram, and many more! The 85-EF provides learners with the components to set up a variety of industrial relay control circuits using ladder diagrams and Boolean logic. Some of these components include selector, pushbutton, limit, and pressure switches; control and 􏰀mer relays; and hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves.

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