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There’s no better provider of engineering research and education systems than Quanser. With over 30 years in academia and 2,500 teaching institutions using their learning systems, Quanser has the knowledge and expertise to provide world class hardware and software to engineering students.

About Quanser

The name Quanser comes from a combination of Question and Answer. The company’s vision is to look at engineering questions and then design labs that provide the research capabilities to answer them.

Quanser Engineering Education

Research is a key component to the Quanser line of engineering education solutions. Over 3,000 research papers have been published globally using Quanser technology. Universities teaching high-level engineering concepts will especially benefit from the turn-key solutions offered by Quanser.

The LAB Midwest team visited Quanser’s Toronto headquarters in February where they were absolutely impressed by the technology and curriculum built by the company. And this is because the Quanser team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about quality products, research-based learning and cutting-edge technologies.

“Quanser’s research labs and technology are backed by a team of engineers who are truly experts in their field,” remarked LAB Midwest CEO Renee Kirchner. “They have a dedication to developing teaching equipment that prepares students for a broad scope of engineering careers.”

That Quanser has established itself as the world leader in its field is no accident. The company has involved itself in developing curriculum and research equipment, doing research for government projects, holds positions in global engineering education leadership including the Global Engineering Dean’s Council and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association, and in consulting with universities to help develop new engineering programs around the world.

Quanser Technology

Quanser Engineering Education

Quanser’s transformational labs create collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments that bring to life math and engineering theory, combining research with application. Their solutions cover disciplines such as:

The full line of hardware is integrated with Quarc software, which leverages MATLAB and Simulink software. This allows programs to utilize the same software students are already familiar with while getting feedback and inserting inputs in real-time.

Quanser’s solutions teach every level of engineering education, from basic servos to full autonomous vehicle research labs.

The Qube Servo 2 is the only fully integrated lab experiment that covers the spectrum of controls topics from undergraduate linear control concepts to graduate level non-linear controls.

The Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio integrates QDrone quadrotors, QBot 2 ground vehicles, a ground control station, and vision and safety equipment to create a lab of autonomous vehicles operating simultaneously using smart technologies.

Quanser’s solutions are perfect for mechanical, electrical, civil and aerospace engineering programs and both the university and technical college level. Backed by research and curriculum, these labs will benefit any program looking to upgrade its impact on students.

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