Teach the Fundamentals of Engineering with these Experiment Kits!
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The best way for your students to learn the basics of engineering, physics and mechanics is by getting their hands on engineering experiments that demonstrate these principles. We’ve got you covered with Engineering Science Kits from TecQuipment. This is a flexible, accessible and mobile way to teach a number of engineering concepts – perfect for high schools, colleges and universities.

Engineering Science Kits

The full set features 18 different experiments that cover the full range of mechanical engineering fundamentals. Each experiment has parts that can be loaded onto a work panel. The full set comes with three work panels so multiple groups can be working on experiments at the same time. The set is housed on a classroom-friendly mobile cart to easily organize and store the experiments.

Here are all the experiments featured in the Engineering Science kits:

What experiments will students perform?

Let’s take a look at some of the kits in more detail to give you an idea of the kinds of experiments students can perform:

Forces Kit

The forces kit teaches students about the center of gravity of shapes and the relationship between angles and coplanar forces. It includes a set of different two-dimensional plastic shapes, pulleys, weights and a magnetic protector for experiments in concurrent and non-concurrent coplanar forces and angles. With these you can create force triangles, polygons and linked polygons, learn about theorems such as Bow’s notation and the parallelogram of forces.

Moments Kit

The moments kit enables students to investigate the relationship between distance and forces in rigid beams and levers. It includes three main lever types: the first, second and third-order, along with an L-shaped plate for experiments in bellcrank levers, plus a pulley that allows extra experiments with moments created by oblique forces.

Rotational Friction Kit

The rotational friction kit enables students to learn how rotational friction affects the efficiency of popular machine elements and bearing materials. It includes a screw jack, a wedge, and different bearings. Students learn about concepts such as mechanical advantage, velocity ratio, efficiency, and overhaul.

Tensile Tester Kit

The tensile tester kit shows the principles of tensile tests on specimens of different materials. By mounting materials such as plastic, aluminum and steel, students can twist the chuck to stretch the specimen and examine he overall stress and strain, elongation, tensile strength, and yield properties. Tests can be performed to the point of destruction where the material snaps with a dramatic clunk.

Full Range of Engineering Experiments

Want to start with a few key experiments? You can purchase each kit individually, or go for the full set. Take a look at the entire range of experiments that are included in this range below. And if you’re interested in learning more, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll share more information, pricing, etc!

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