Advanced Pneumatics


Recommended Skill Levels: Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Fluid Power, Industrial Technology

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Advanced Pneumatics (85-AP) by Amatrol, builds on the basic pneumatics training system to add additional components and circuits.

Training covers a diverse range of topics, such as how air bearings, pneumatic motors, and pneumatic cylinders are used to move loads; applications for vacuums such as food packaging, as well as how to measure vacuum levels; and a comprehensive look at air compressors, their components, and how to safely operate them. By taking the approach of melding theory and practice, the Amatrol curriculum reinforces both, resulting in a learner that can calculate the theoretical lifting force of a vacuum cup and understand how to select the correct pneumatic motor for a specific task.

The 85-AP includes an orifice plate flow meter, quick exhaust valve, suction cup, vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, tubing kit, and weight set of various sizes. These industrial-grade components ensure that learners work with instruments they’d normally only see on the job, which helps them to gain confidence and experience. This commitment to providing real-world components is an example of the attention to quality and detail that’s made Amatrol the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

In conjunction with the Basic (85-BP) and Intermediate (85-IP) Pneumatic Learning Systems, the 85-AP can be used on a tabletop work surface with a compressed air source or in a variety of comprehensive Amatrol fluid power systems. Learners can use the 85-AP with: Controls Technology – Basic Pneumatics (850-P1), which includes a tabletop workstation, hose and fittings package, and the 85-BP or the Controls Technology – Basic Pneumatics, Double Sided (850-PD1), which features a double-sided workstation and two (2) 85-BPs to double the amount of training possible without taking up additional classroom space. The 85-AP can also be used on Amatrol learning systems when both hydraulic and pneumatic training is necessary. The Basic Fluid Power Learning System (850-C1) features a workbench, 85-BP, and a Basic Hydraulics Learning System (85-BH). The combined basic fluid power learning system also has a double-sided option (850-CD1).

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