Electronic Climate Control AC Trainer


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College

Learning Topics: Automotive & Transportation, HVAC, Light Vehicles

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Electronic Climate Control AC Trainer by Megatech was designed to offer hands on air conditioning systems for students. The trainer consists of an electronic climate control air conditioning unit including: compressor, blower, fan, evaporator condenser, accumulator, pressure swith and other related parts mounted on an industrial duty mobile cart. The OEM components are based on an OBII compliant model AC unit, complete with electronic controls, and coms pre-charged with R134a refrigerant.

Learning Outcomes

This AC trainer comes with faulting capabilities with six real world faults providing learners with the opportunity to experience faults will occur on the job. In addition, this trainer covers concepts like:

  • Introduction to Electronic Climate Control systems
  • Basic principles of air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Operation of the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Overview of electronic controls in an ECC system
  • Maintenance of ECC systems
  • R134a refrigerant and its properties

MEG660A Product Details

Designed for education, this unit is on an industrial duty cart with casters providing mobility and made with sight glass so learners can see the phase changes. This trainer is also equipped with

  • OEM Automotive components
  • OEM Control panel displays
  • Faulting Capability with size real world faults
  • R134a Combo kit

Dimensions:  42” x 26” x 60”

Weight: approx. 300lbs

This unit requires a 12 Volt Battery

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