Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel


Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Aerospace

Product Types: Training Equipment

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The Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel (AF41V) from TecQuipment is an open circuit wind tunnel with a suspended model aircraft designed for classroom demonstrations and learner investigations of the behavior of fixed-wing aircraft and wing performance during take-off and landing. With its open-circuit wind tunnel learners can study the effect of speed on attitude, measure the lift curve for the wing up to and beyond stall, plot trim curves and determine the neutral point and more.

Learning Outcomes

The Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel performs a variety of practical demonstrations, ‘hands-on’ flight simulations and student investigations into the behavior of fixed-wing aircraft and wing performance. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Practical investigation of longitudinal stability and control of the aircraft to demonstrate behavior during take-off, level flight and landing
  • Determination of the effect of speed on attitude for level flight and stall.
  • Measurement of the lift curve for the wing up to and beyond stall
  • Students can adjust the center of gravity of the model to alter its trim
  • They can then plot trim curves and determine the neutral point
  • Demonstration of phugoid motion in terms of altitude via high speed VDAS®
  • Short period oscillation due to sudden disturbance can be shown by the change of incidence via high speed VDAS®.

AF4IV Product Details

This model’s open circuit wind tunnel provides realistic simulation of flight and the effect of control surfaces. A digital display shows pilot pressure in the working section, attitude, altitude or lift force on the aircraft along with tail plane angle. With adjustable weight, students can set the center of gravity for the aircraft to different positions from fore to aft of the quarter chord point. Features of this model include:

  • Providing students a safe, realistic introduction to the controls of a light aircraft
  • Aircraft able to move vertically and pitch about the quarter chord point independently
  • Simulate take off, level flight, cruise, and landing
  • Digital flight control surfaces
  • Demonstrations include aero foil lift, stall, longitudinal stability, and transient motion
  • Includes electronic display of Pitot pressure, attitude, altitude, lift and tailplane angle
  • Includes VDAS® for PC connectivity providing rapid data acquisition and the ability to export and chart data
  • High speed VDAS® built in for tracing altitude and attitude
  • Tufts on the wing clearly demonstrate the phenomenon of separation and stall
  • Bright LED illuminated working section
  • Adjustable center of gravity of the model
  • Removable yoke and silencer for shipping and storage
  • Optional smoke generator (available separately)

TecQuipment is a ISO certified company and manufactures in accordance with the latest European Union directives.

This unit requires a single-phase 220/240 VAC , 50/60 Hz, 12A or a two-phase 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12A.


All TecQuipment products come with a comprehensive user guide and a five-year warranty.

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