Measurement Tools Portable


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Industry, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Industrial Technology, Quality Assurance

Product Types: Portable Trainer

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Measurement Tools Portable (990-MES1) by Amatrol introduces the fundamental principles of measurement including basic measurement, precision measurement, direct gauging, indirect gauging, and dimensional measurements using both the U.S. customary system as well as S.I. metric system. Understanding how to perform accurate measurements is relevant to technical careers such as quality control inspector, machinist, manufacturing engineer, operations manager, and production technician. The measurement training system’s compact size and durable case also provide for safe storage when available training space must be used to teach other topics.

Learning Outcomes

With the Measurement Tool leaners will study a variety of measurement topics like:

  • Digital and dial calipers
  • Dimensional gauging
  • Statistical process control
  • Control chart operation and analysis
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerance
  • Location, orientation, and form tolerances.

This learning system allows learners to practice with industrial quality components

Measurement Tools Portable Product Details

This Learning System comes with:

  • Tabletop Workstation
  • Precision Measurement Tools
  • Dial Caliper
  • Digital Caliper
  • Decimal Rule, 50th Scale/10th
  • Metric Rule
  • 6” Rule
  • Micrometer (3-4”)
  • Micrometer (0-25MM)
  • Dial Indicator with Magnetic Base
  • 1-2-3 Block
  • Small Hole Gauge Set
  • Digital Caliper with Computer Interface Cable Standard Parts Package
    • Variable Lengths Shafts (10)
    • Variable Diameter Disks (3)
    • Variable Plates (3)
  • Data Management Software
  • Statistical Process Control Software
  • V-Block and Clamp Set
  • Machinist Square

More about the Measurement Tools:

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