Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College

Learning Topics: Alternative/Green Energy, Smart Grid, Solar, STEM

Product Types: Kit

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SmartGrid by leXsolar allows students to get an understanding of the entire process behind renewable energy’s conversion from source into usable energy in the power grid. Students will address power grid stability in relation to renewable energy and begin to address the issues that relate to the use of renewable energy sources. This set up comes in Professional and Ready-to-go sizes.

SmartGrid Ready-to-Go kits are a complete experiment system that can be used any where without further components.

Learning Outcomes

With SmartGrid Ready-to-go kits individuals will learn:

  • characteristics of solar energy
  • IV characteristics
  • temperature dependency of solar cells
  • complex interactions between renewable energies, energy stores and consumers
  • electro technical challenges of main operations
  • effect of renewable energies on grid stability
  • generation of different energy sources and load profiles

SmartGrid Ready-to-Go Product Details

The SmartGrid components include:

  • One of each of the following:
    • 1100-53 SM 5.22V, 380mA, 4mm plug
    • 1100-19 leXsolar-Base unit Large
    • 1100-21 Diode module
    • 1100-27 Motor Module without Gear
    • 1118-17 Base for solar panel
    • 1400-12 leXsolar-Wind rotor set
    • 1400-19 Wind machine
    • 1400-22 Wind turbine module
    • 1600-02 Capacitor module 5.0F/5.4V
    • 1801-02 Electric model car
    • 9100-03 AV-Module
    • 1100-61 Potentiometer module 110 Ohm
    • L2-02-017 Propeller
    • L2-04-080 Lamp housing
    • L2-04-116 Illuminant 120W, 12°
    • L2-06-067 Reversible Fuel cell
    • L3-01-139 Insert SmartGrid RtG 1605
    • L3-01-140 Aluminium case SmartGrid RtG 1605
    • L3-03-169 Layout diagram 1605 SmartGrid Ready-to-go
    • L3-03-176 Azimuth angle scale
    • L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
  • Two of the each of the following:
    • 1600-01 power grid module
    • 1100-26 Light bulb module
    • 9100-04 SmartMeter
    • 9100-05 PowerModule
  • Three of each for the following:
    • L2-06-014 Test lead black 50 cm
    • L2-06-015 Test lead red 50 cm
  • In addition to:
    • 4 of  L2-06-012 Test lead black 25 cm
    • 7 of  L2-06-013 Test lead red 25 cm
    • 12 of L2-02-016 Bumpon transparent 5,0 mm height X 11,1mm diameter

This system includes all necessary equipment in an aluminum case, with heavy duty foam inserts keeping all components safely stored. The kits include experiment systems for renewable energy technologies including:

  • solar
  • Wind
  • Fuel Cell
  • Storage technology
  • E-Mobility

Some of the experiments individuals can complete with the SmartGrid system are:

  • basic photovoltaic
  • basic wind power
  • basic energy storage
  • power fluctuations of a photovoltaic station
  • energy supply of a building by a power plant
  • power line monitoring

This product comes in two sizes professional or the Ready-to-Go kit version. For a full list of experiments check out the SmartGrid Data Sheet

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  • leXsolar SmartGrid Ready-To-Go Data Sheet
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