Skill Boss for Manufacturing Skills
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The Skill Boss has become one of the most popular training systems for technical education. The trainer has helped high schools, technical colleges and workforce training programs deliver hands-on advanced manufacturing curriculums that prepare learners for entry-level positions in a high-wage, high-demand industry.

Skill Boss Manufacturing: An all-in-one trainer

Skill Boss Manufacturing is a tabletop mechatronics system that performs a buffing and sorting operation. It sounds simple, but the range of components, exercises and skills is astounding!

What makes this system unique is the broad range of industrial technology embedded in a device with such a small footprint. There are over 60 skills that can be taught – everything from basic measurement and gauging to PLC programming and troubleshooting – but you don’t need an entire lab of equipment to teach all these skills!

It truly is an all-in-one trainer, covering the most common industrial technologies:

Students will learn all the foundational components of industrial technology – mechanical, electrical and electronics, fluid power, automation and robotics, PLCs and control systems.

Amatrol CEO Paul Perkins knew how necessary this trainer would become in an industry plagued by workforce shortages: “Manufacturing executives often tell us that they can’t find people with requisite skills, yet many companies and schools don’t have the financial resources or physical space to build training centers,” he said.

“The computer-controlled, portable Skill Boss, more interactive than a robot and just 20 inches tall, solves that problem. I am also convinced that this exciting trainer will attract many more young people to begin careers in advanced manufacturing.”

Skills are tied to industry-recognized certifications

The Skill Boss Manufacturing system can also be used to certify learners for the Certified Production Technician+ certification from MSSC. This ISO 17024-accredited certification was developed by industry, and CPT+ holders are sought after by companies like Cummins, Harley-Davidson, GE Appliances, Toyota and Walmart, who recognize that these credential holders have the technical skills they’re looking for in their entry-level production roles.

“Manufacturing executives have argued for decades, and still argue, that they need more workers with deeper technical and creative problem-solving skills to be competitive in global markets,” said Leo Reddy, who leads MSSC to bolster the nation’s economic competitiveness.

“While we’ve made progress over the years, much more work needs to be done. That’s where the Skill Boss comes in — this is a cost-effective and portable machine that high schools, community colleges and manufacturers can use to train people to excel in an advanced manufacturing environment.”

Using Skill Boss Manufacturing, instructors can certify their students for four skillsets embedded within the CPT+ certification:

  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Production
  4. Maintenance
Amatrol Skill Boss used for Manufacturing Skills training and assessment

Industry supports the use of Skill Boss Manufacturing for training programs

“As a longtime supporter of the CPT program, GE Appliances greatly welcomes the Skill Boss hands-on certification component to the CPT training program. We believe giving students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know is just as important as their knowledge gained through their coursework,” Eric Leef, Executive HR leader of the Supply Chain at GE Appliances, commented.

“We applaud the MSSC and Amatrol on working together to develop an accessible classroom tool for CPT students, as well as providing an additional hiring measure for employers.”

“The launch of the Skill Boss supports one of our goals to engage young people in gaining the higher skills needed in today’s technology-intensive manufacturing world,” said Sam Bottum, a SkillsUSA board member and Chief Marketing Officer at Snap-on Incorporated, a global manufacturer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, and systems solutions for professional users.

“At SkillsUSA, we emphasize not only the ‘cool factor’ of today’s high-tech manufacturing jobs but also the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life.”

To learn more about the Skill Boss or MSSC CPT certification, contact LAB Midwest.

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