Wind Turbine Dynamics


Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Alternative/Green Energy, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Materials Engineering

Product Types: Training Equipment

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Wind Turbine Dynamics by TecQuipment is a versatile, compact apparatus for teaching the fundamentals of kinetic wind energy conversion into electrical power. Flexibility is at the core, it has a castor-mounted frame for mobility and functionality and allows students to 3D-print their own blades for advanced experimentation.

Learning Outcomes

With the Wind Turbine Dynamics individuals will learn the foundations of wind turbine energy conversion including:

  • The relationship between turbine speed and wind velocity
  • Effect of blade pitch on turbine performance
  • Effect of yaw angle on turbine performance
  • Blade performance characteristics of different profiled blades
  • Blade design theory

AE1005V Product Details

Wind Turbine Dynamics includes

  • Control box with two screens
  • Output for connecting to PC via USB
  • 70 W turbine with calculated torque and power output
  • Compatible with custom-designed 3D-printed blades
  • Motorized blade pitch control
  • Yaw control
  • Integrated safety guards with solenoid interlock
  • Smart shutdown: automatic over speed and over current shutdown
  • Castor-mounted and removable silencer for easy mobility and storage
  • Uninterrupted Ø400 mm tunnel with a Ø300 mm turbine
  • Standalone operation (no PC required)
  • Flow settling on the inlet
  • Viewing from both sides of the tunnel for groups
  • Ergonomic front panel design
  • Includes TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS® Onboard) for data acquisition via USB
  • Covid-19 mitigation: compatible with TecQuipment’s e-lab remote learning software
  • Compatibility with custom design 3D printed blades
  • User Guide
  • Five-year warranty
  • VDAS software


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