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Career Explorations in Esports

Recommended Skill Levels: K-8

Learning Topics: Computer Science, STEM

Product Types: eLearning, Kit

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Career Explorations in Esports is a middle school elective designed by Mastery Coding to give students an exploration into a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic, multi-billion dollar industry of esports. Mastery Coding’s approach to esports is all about turning gamers into makers!

Learning Outcomes

Career Explorations in Esports give students insight into key components of esports career options like:

  • Job, salary range and employer options, along with employment opportunities in today’s market
  • Skills and education levels and career pathways
  • A typical “week in the life” of a professional
  • Hard and soft skills needed in each career
  • Career connections between esports and other industries

The careers explored in this course cover a variety of STEAM professions, including:

  • Hardware (Engineer, IT support, Network Technician)
  • Software (Game Designer/Developer, Product Manager, Cybersecurity Expert)
  • Media (Graphic Designer, Shoutcaster, Journalist)
  • Operations (Data Analyst, Business Development, Manager/Coach)
  • Marketing (Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media)
  • Events Management (Broadcaster, Production Manager, A/V Technician)
  • Legal (Contracts, Sponsorships, Agents, Player Advocate)

Career Explorations in Esports Course Details

This is a 30-hour course meant to fit into the school schedule as an elective for middle school students. The program includes:

  • 30-hours of multifaceted career exploration curriculum
  • Self-grading assessments
  • Project-based learning
  • Capstone career exploration project (includes grading rubric)
  • Includes instructor training at no additional cost

Additional Details

Teacher Support: All Mastery Coding courses come with year-round professional development and comprehensive teacher support. This can be customized to the needs of your district, so teachers with any level of experience can successfully deliver this course.

STEAM Connections: All Mastery coding courses are tied to specific STEAM outcomes. See course catalog for the full list of STEAM outcomes.

Technical Requirements: Access to online curriculum

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