PLC/HMI Trainer

Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Control Systems, Engineering, Industry 4.0, PLCs, Robotics, Systems Integration

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The PLC/HMI Trainer from FANUC and APT is a Rockwell Automation CompactLogix control panel electrical project kit. This trainer is equipped with Rockwell controller, ethernet switches, a pre installed program integration template and so much more. You can use the PLC/HMI Trainer as a standalone or integrate it to any FANUC robot. This system is designed so that students at all levels can use this, beginners can learn panel building and basic ladder programming while more advanced students can write their own programs and integrate the PLC/HMI with an existing robot.

Learning Outcomes

Using the PLC/HMI trainer students can study topics like:

  • PLC Hardware Components
  • Logic Operations and Control Strategies
  • Industrial Automation Applications
  • PLC and HMI Integration
  • Communication Between Controllers
  • Simulation and Testing of System Operation

Product Details

  • Rockwell CompactLogix 5380 controller w/ Integrated Motion (5069-L306ERM w/16 24VDC digital inputs & 16 24DVC digital outpts
  • Rockwell AB 10″ PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminal (PanelView 5310)
  • 5 Port Stratix Ethernet Switch
  • Dual Ethernet Access Ports and Cable Glands for external device connections
  • Pre-loaded with structured program template

This kit includes:

  • NEMA 12 steel industrial enclosure
  • 120V, 24 VCD power supply
  • 120V 10′ power cord
  • 5 port ethernet switch
  • Wireless ethernet bolt
  • 4 pushbuttons
  • 1 selector switch

PLC: Compact Logix 5000 Series

  • 32 task
  • Dual IP mode (2 diff network connections)
  • DLR, start and linear topologies supported
  • 16 ethernet node connections mad
  • 32 socket connections max
  • 2 CIP drive axis connections (position loop/servo control)
  • Ladder structured text, function block diagram
  • Sequential function charg programming interfaces
  • 0.6 MB user memory
  • 8 local I/O Modules max

HMI:Panelview 5000

  • 10.4″ SVGA TFT color touch display
  • 4:3 aspect ration
  • 800 x 600 pixel resolution
  • 1GB RAM / 1 GB user memory

With this kit you can add on:

  • Student build kit
  • Discrete I/O kit to FANUC LR Mate peripheral I/O board for robots without ethernet
  • Mobile workbench – adjustable height with power
  • Replenishment parts kit
  • Panel rebuild master kit.


FANUC Robotics Courses:

  • Handling Tool Operation and Programming*
  • Handling PRO*

Rockwell Automation Courses:

  • CCP 183: Ethernet / IP Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • CCP 146: Logix 5000 System Fundamentals
  • CCP 153: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • CCP 151: Basic Ladder Logic Programming
  • CCP 143: Ladder Logic Project Development
  • CCV 204-A: FactoryTalk View ME & PanelView Plus Programming
  • INA 201: Industrial Network Architecture Foundation
  • INA 202: Industrial Network Architecture Intermediate
  • CCP 251: Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer
  • CCP 154: Studio Logix Designer Level 4 ST & SFC
  • SAF LOG 104: Guard Logix (and Banner) application development*
  • CCA 185: Power Flex 525 Drive Startup and Configuration*
  • INA 203: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 1*
  • INA 204: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 2*
  • CCN 130: Motion Control Fund*
  • CCN 144: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 4: Kinetix 5500/6500 (CIP) Programming*

APT Integration Courses:

  • Schematic Reading Fundamentals
  • Panel Building Lab
  • Introduction to Integration – Labs and Exercises
  • Intermediate Concepts: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Industrial Equipment
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation and Integration
  • Basic Integration Labs: PLC, HMI, Robot, Ancillary Components*
  • Introduction to Safety Systems*
  • Integration: Part Traceability*
  • Integration: I/O Link Technology*
  • Integration: RFID Technology*
  • Integration: Advanced Integration of Industrial Equipment
  • Integration: Advanced Part Tracking and Messaging
  • Integration: Industrial 4.0 and IIoT

*iCC must be integrated with CERT cart, MTEC, or MTEC-SIM to teach robotics courses.

Career Paths:

  • FANUC Robot Operator – Material Handling
  • Maintenance Technician
  • PLC/Controls Operator
  • PLC/Controls Technician
  • Industrial Controls Integrator
  • Applied Engineering of Robotics, Automation, and Industrial Systems

FANUC Software:

If purchased with a FANUC robot or FANUC CERT Cart then it would qualify for the Handling Tool CERT. If vision was added to the robot or CERT Cart then it would also qualify for iRVision. This PLC Trainer is a partnership between Rockwell, FANUC and APT Manufacturing Solutions.

Rockwell Automation Software:

Rockwell Automation EDU Toolkit Bundle

  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer®
  • Studio 5000 View Designer
  • + over 100 more pieces of Rockwell software

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