Portable Pneumatics Learning System


Recommended Skill Levels: High School, Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Agri-Tech, Automation

Product Types: eLearning, Portable Trainer, Training Equipment

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The Portable Pneumatic Learning Systems (990-PN1) by Amatrol teaches basic and intermediate pneumatic concepts. Pneumatic power is an important part of the industry because of its use in a variety of fields like agriculture, pharmaceuticals and automation. This highly-durable portable pneumatic circuit training feature includes real world pneumatic components like rotameters, pressure gauges, flow control valves and more.

Learning Outcomes

Using this learning systems learners will perform tasks like using a pneumatic hose to create working pneumatic circuits  or connecting and reading a flowmeter using real world components. Topics covered when using the Portable Pneumatic Learning System such as:

  • Pneumatic Power Systems
  • Pneumatic Circuits
  • Pressure and Flow
  • Speed Control Circuits
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Air Logic
  • Pneumatic Maintenance
  • Schematics
  • Air Flow and Resistance
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Cam Valves

Portable Pneumatic Learning System Product Details

This learning system comes with:

  • Portable Case
  • Rotameter
  • Pressure Gauges, 0-1000 PSI (3)
  • Lubricstor
  • Pressure Regulator, Non-Relieving
  • Filter/Regulator, Manifold
  • Check Valve
  • Tee
  • Cross
  • Flow Control Valves (2)
  • Air Motor
  • Direcctional Control Valve,Lever
  • Diretion Control Valve, Piolet
  • Directional Control Vavle, Push Button
  • Directional Control Valve, 3/2 Cam
  • Directional Control Valve 5/2 Cam
  • Large Double Acting Cylinder 1 1/2 ” bore
  • Small double acting cylinder
  • Single Acting Cylinder
  • Loose Components Kit
    • Micronic Filter patch
    • Impingement Device
    • Syringe
    • Filter Element, 5 micron
    • Filter Element, 20 micron
    • Filter Element , 70 Micron
    • Lever Arm Link Assembly
  • Hose Kit

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