Self-Driving Tractor

Recommended Skill Levels: High School, K-8, Technical College

Learning Topics: Agri-Tech, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Science, Mobile

Product Types: Kit, Training Equipment

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Teach the future of agri-tech with the self-driving tractor lab!

The MINDS-i self-driving tractor is a miniature autonomous tractor that students build, program and run outdoors in a realistic farm setting. Students will explore Arduino coding, electro-mechanical systems, and autonomous GPS navigation while also learning how to program their tractor for ground-based crop evaluation, spraying, spreading, crop monitoring, and other agriculture-related challenges.

Learning Outcomes

This is an all-in-one kit that teaches components of mechanical systems, computer science skills, and agri-tech. The curriculum leads groups of students to collaboratively build their tractor from the ground up, then use open source C++, Python or ROS compatible programming to prep their tractor to work in a real outdoor farm setting on campus.

This lab includes 45 hours of curriculum and exercises and is designed for 2-4 students per tractor.

The curriculum includes lessons around:

  • Introduction to autonomous vehicles
  • Self-driving tractors in farming today, and future use cases
  • Autonomous tractor technologies, including localization, GPS, gyros, accelerometers, compass, encoders, cross-tracking, communication systems, control systems, object detection and avoidance
  • Electrical engineering and energy transfer applications, including theory of energy, electric motors, and battery technology
  • Applied systems thinking, inputs, outputs, constraints
  • Automated farming processes, including ground prep, planting, fertilizing, watering and harvesting

Self-Driving Tractor Lab Includes…

The kit includes everything a group needs to build the tractor (250 piece construction set), along with the RC transmitter and receiver, accessories, digital multimeter, batteries, chargers and storage bins. The tractor body comes in a number of colors to correspond with your favorite agri-tech brand (red, green, blue, orange).

Optional accessories enable students to perform live farming practices like seeding, watering, harvesting and more.

The MINDS-i lab comes with 45 hours of curriculum, instructor resources, student resources and more. Click the button below to learn more about the tractor lab and curriculum components.

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