QBot 3

Recommended Skill Levels: Technical College, University

Learning Topics: Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Science, Control Systems, Controls Engineering, Engineering, Industry 4.0, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mobile

Product Types: Research, Training Equipment

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The QBot 3 by Quanser is an open-architecture autonomous ground robot, built on a 2-wheel mobile platform. Equipped with built-in sensors, a vision system, and accompanied by extensive courseware, the QBot 3 is ideally suited for teaching undergraduate and advanced robotics and mechatronics courses.

Learning & Research Outcomes

The QBot 3 is accompanied by extensive courseware for teaching undergraduate and advanced robotics and mechatronics courses. The courseware laboratory exercises are organized in a set of independent modules, allowing professors to select and adapt them easily for an existing course, or build a new course.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Forward and inverse differential kinematics
  • Dead reckoning and odometric localization
  • Path planning and obstacle avoidance
  • 2D mapping and occupancy grid map
  • Image acquisition, processing and reasoning
  • High-level control architecture of mobile robots
  • Vision-guided vehicle control

Because of its design and open architecture, the QBot is versatile enough to enable users to add other off-the-shelf sensors and customize the QBot 3 for their research in areas such as vehicle navigation and control, autonomous vehicles control, machine learning, and computer vision, multi-agent heterogenous and swarm robotics, and more.

QBot 3 Product Details

The QBot 3 comes as a standalone ground drone with a wide range of features, including:

  • Curriculum and lab exercises for robotics and mechatronics courses
  • Deploy applications via Simulink, Python and/or ROS
  • Support for off-the-shelf sensors and actuators using fully accessible 40-pin I/O header and Pi HATs
  • Open-architecture design with fully documented system models and parameters provided
  • Electromechanical prototyping platform and landing pad for use with UAVs
  • Wide range of sensors including bumpers, wheel-drop and cliff sensors, 3-axis gyroscope, Intel RealSense D415 RGBD camera

The QB0t 3 is also part of the Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio from Quanser. Click here to learn more about this system.

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