Choosing the Best Equipment for Your Fab Lab
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A fab lab functions to teach students to think critically, problem solve, plan, design and create using a number of computer-operated procedures. The best fab labs teach relevant skills using authentic industrial equipment and materials.

Markforged 3D printer for your Fab Lab

1. 3D Printer

The best fab labs will have a 3D printer capable of printing in a wide array of materials, including plastics, composites and metals. Here are a few printers we recommend:

2. Injection Molding

Additive manufacturing is a key component to fab lab requirements, so injection molding is a must-have in addition to your 3D printer. We recommend:

3. Robotics

A world-class fab lab will have a robotics component that combines engineering and programming. We recommend:

4. Precision Measurement

A fundamental skill, precision measuring will add to any process performed in your fab lab. We suggest:

5. CNC Router

A compact 3 axis CNC Router will be the perfect fit for your lab. Here are a few we recommend, all from Denford:

6. CNC Milling Machine

Having a CNC mill is essential to teaching your fab lab students the basics of computer numerical control technology. We suggest a few different options; each has its own unique features that could help your fab lab stand out:

7. PLC

Programmable Logic Controllers are essential in any digital fab lab, and you’ll want a sturdy yet portable model. Here are a few we recommend:


8. Welding

Miller MobileArc StudentVirtual reality is a great way to introduce students to welding in a safe, controlled environment. Plus, using VR makes it easy to offer introductory welding in your fab lab without worrying about space, exhaust, fumes, or other concerns that might impact others using the space. Here are a few virtual welders we recommend for your fab lab:

Let’s Build Your Wish List!

As professional educational consultants, we’d be happy to help personalize your fab lab with just the right equipment for your needs. Contact us for one-on-one assistance!

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